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Forums » Disney » What's with all these remakes?

Seems like they're remaking every single animated Disney movie. Would be nice to have some original stories.
I find there's no reason to remake these classic movies except they wanted to stay relevant through time.
They don't want to be forgotten in history with new generations of children
Before home video was a thing readily available to just about everyone they could re-release a movie in theaters and make a ton of money. But now that home video is a thing they found that remaking the movie into live action is pretty much the same thing as re-releasing the movie and they're still making a ton of money.
It's Disney!!

Are you really surprised? If they find a way to make themselves that sweet sweet dough, then they're going to milk it one way or the other.
Christopher Robin and Malificant were some welcome additions to these stories. But really aside from beautiful effects, these remakes are just poor imitations of what Disney tried to do back in the 90's.
If the parents are good, than they will show them those films. The whole "Exposing to a diffrent Audience" thing is just an excuse that gets mixed up with redoing the story of a character for a new generation i.e Batman 60's vs Batman 80's, these Disney remakes have not a whole lot of differences to them.
i agree. i’d rather to see some new, original disney animations to add to the pantheon of classics. surely there are countless amounts of fairytales to adapt from many countries and cultures worldwide.
We got Maleficent, Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, and The Lion King! Tons of them!
Times are changing, and now they're making new Cinderella film, starring Billy Porter as Godfather Fairy, five years after Lily James picture. And The Little Mermaid remake, just no comments.
Nowadays nobody cares about tolerate bullsh*t, cause it doesn't solve the Trump times, and he's an a**hole without social media/news stuff which makes him maleficent racist for stupid liberal kids and their such parents. Instead of making new stories, Disney chose tolerate propaganda, retelling old good stories with racist/nazi/feminist motives. I used to love Disney old cartoons but since the company bought Marvel, Star Wars and Fox, the pop culture had became a mess without a taste.