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The happening of “The Mickey Mouse Club” from 1955 to 1996 was a full of variety shows on Disney. It happens when the child actors were played “The Mouseketeers” or something that you called, “The Mouse People” on TV. One of the director from the Walt Disney Studios began to choose a group of 12 actors to be in the studio. However, the actors were Drew Barrymore (played as Lisa), Tina Fey (played as Alison), Haley Joel Osment (played as Scott), Reese Witherspoon (played as Kelly), Auli’l Cravalho (played as Nita), Kristen Bell (played as Julie), Jackie Chan (played as Curtis), Eugenio Derbez (played as Angel), Leon Robinson (played as Pop), Channing Tatum (played as Todd), Serena Williams (played as Shawntee), and Elle Fanning (played as Mindy). Probably the actors are going to be in the TV series or a film, I’m not sure about this fake trailers of The Mouseketeers, based on a variety TV show “The Mickey Mouse Club”. When your are Justin, Ryan, Britney, or Christina, you should tell Annette about the truth of the Mickey Mouse Club’s diary.
However, the upcoming Disney film, “The Mouseketeers” will be coming soon in 2024.