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So, last year I was reading this news article, which was an interview with Alan Menken. He stated that of all the Disney movies getting live-action adaptations, he doesn't reckon that Pocahontas would ever get remade, because of the way it depicts the colonization of Native Americans. What would you say on the matter?
If that film was adapted, the first thing I would ask Alan Menken to do is that he would tone down their skin by a little bit. I would also ask him to change some characters, i.e. John Smith becomes Jonathan Smith. Our heroine would have her name changed, as should with all Natives. If they alter the film's title to something else, then people might want to see it. If not, it may be a huge insult to Native Americans altogether.
I'll say this, now: I could see Pocahontas getting a remake, but, like Mr. Menken said, people these days would find it too problematic, and not very "politically correct". And I do agree with him; the years haven't been kind to the film and it's just one of those ones where as time goes on, it's become very easy to pick apart.
I'll have to disagree with you on this one.
Is this what I said about how Pocahontas hasn't aged particularly well?
Well, you can understand what critics of the film said that it's one of those movies that wouldn't really work now because of its problematic depiction of history and the colonization of Native Americans.
@tomdald98 that’s very interesting personally I think they should make it a remake I have my own cast of who should be John Smith if you are interested
I don’t see how Pocahontas is racist. It’s literally history👍🏻