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So, you know how Disney tackled Greek mythology in Hercules? Well, maybe they could tackle another story from Greek myths like Perseus or the Odyssey. Or, even better, maybe they could make a movie based on mythologies from other cultures, like Egyptian or Aztec or Viking. What would you say?
That would be great. Don't forget Moana tackling with Polynesian mythology too.

I hope Shinto if they adapt Princess Kaguya the Moon Princess.
Also keep in mind that Frozen deals with Norse Mythology
I think that would be really cool! Since they've already done Norse with Frozen, Greek with Hercules, and Polynesian with Moana, maybe they could do Celtic. I honestly think that would be super awesome.
What about Egyptian? Sure, they did include a scene in Egypt in Aladdin during the Whole New World sequence, but I'd like to see a full movie set in Ancient Egypt made by Disney.