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I've seen fanart crossover several recent Disney cartoons into a massive infinity war meets kingdom hearts event. Do y'all think that would be a good idea or should they just create separate epilogue movies for recently ended shows like Gravity Falls and Amphibia. I could see a massive crossover working but my knowledge of other recent disney shows like Owl House is limited so I am not sure if this would work. Anyone like this idea?
Just the idea of seeing all the Disney villains together in one place makes me think it would be a good idea
Classic one is Moana and Ariel. That could be cool. But I thought of Arthur from "The Sword in the Stone" and Merida from "Brave" in a crossover. Wouldn't that be awesome??!?!
Turning red and big hero 6 or luca and encanto

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A small but big crossover idea I had was Tarzan, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King together