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Warner Brothers' biggest franchises (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, DC) are fizzling out. Even with Joker's success in the box office, it still can't compete with LOTR and Harry Potter. But, they cannot keep adding on to these. Fantastic Beasts is a flaming ball of J. K. Rowling trying to diversify her story, David Yates, and dog crap. And they can't reboot them because it hasn't even been two decades yet (although next year LOTR will be at that mark, but that's just The Fellowship of the Ring if you count The Hobbit it's only been 7 years). So after eliminating all these franchises and ignoring random movies like Ready Player One, their obvious choice is Batman. They already know it, that's why Robert Pattinson is going to be starring in 2021. But what they're trying to do is not going to work. The Dark Knight Rises gave them literally $1,000,000,081 worldwide in 2012, so why aren't they investing in paying Christopher Nolan a ton of cash for him to come back? A huge paycheck can easily change his opinion on discontinuing the Batman movies. I'm sure it's been thought of before, but when you see Marvel paying Robert Downey Jr. 15 mil for jumping around in spandex on a green screen I don't see why they could fork over that to get a visionary director to save you. That's my opinion on the matter, and I've made fancast for the fourth film:
I think I have a solid cast list and even though Heath Ledger has died I think that with his family's consent they could create a CGI model like in Gemini Man and the upcoming Finding Jack (

This ended up being a bit long. Sorry, but not really 👍.
Imagine responding to what I think is a well thought out opinion of Warner Brothers' best move with, "ur gay GO GO POWER RANGERS". It's almost frightening how completely stupid you are.
I see what you’re saying but Aquaman also made $1,480,000,000 which is substantially more that Dark knight rises did. Wonder Woman was very close to breaking the billion dollar mark as well and with praise only going up recently I’m sure Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be able to break that Billion Dollar Mark. You see the Dark Knight Trilogy was great but it’s also a complete story with a conclusion. It doesn’t necessarily need to be continued on. Now a fourth entry would be fun and make a lot of money but it would just end up being a one and done deal like Ready Player One. If Warner Bothers wants to depend on the Batman franchise they can’t just do a one and done film. They need to start something new again with a talented director. I think this upcoming Batman is going to be very beneficial for Warner Brothers as Matt Reeves is known for having an excellent track record. Also with the new flashpoint movie coming in to mix the dceu’s timeline so Jason Mamoa’s aquaman can meet up with Robert Pattinsons Batman is only going to mean good things. Yeah you’re right about The Middle Earth and Wizarding World franchise starting to dwindle but the DCEU is on a great track. They should focus on the long term success that the DCEU is going to bring rather than the short term success the Nolan trilogy would bring. Hey though that’s the cool things about opinions, everyone has got there own and I guess we’re just on the opposite ends of the spectrum.
I have to say that above all, I'm just thrilled that someone has responded to my post (The previous messages were from one of my friends messing with me). As I was making the post I had just finished re-watching the Dark Knight Trilogy which may have contributed to my rambling about the future of DC's cinematic universe, and I was not thinking about the successes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Maybe it's just the overwhelming public opinion in the fan base regarding most DCEU movies that influenced my own opinion. I admit that I did like Wonder Woman (disregarding David Thewlis' mustache as Ares) and Aquaman was also great but I've always preferred the realism of Christopher Nolan. I think that the trilogy set itself apart from Marvel and other superhero companies by having a darker approach to superheroes in general. Of course there are always outlying comic runs that portray the characters in a more lighter view but for the most part DC is the grim comic company that I want. Getting back to movies, DC is being great right now by balancing out the moods of their movies. On one side of the spectrum, there is Joker in its rated R glory. Then on the other there is Shazam, the comedic innocent film. So yes, Warner Bros is running out of options with other franchises but, altering my original opinion on the matter, the DCEU is the way to go. I'm excited for Matt Reeves and what he can do for Batman, and the future of the DCEU all-together. You've shown me the light, and I'd say that I've moved to a healthy halfway point on the spectrum you were talking about.