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I would just like to point out that Barry Allen gets way too much attention. Wally West is clearly the best Flash and he deserves much better than the horrendous writing and bs identity politics that he's been subjected to in the last few years. Comment below if you are a true fan of The Flash (and no, watching that abominable CW show does not make you a true fan).
I agree. We need the Wally West Flash from the Justice League Cartoons as our movie Flash. Especially Since Barry is well establish on TV. Wally was great in the cartoons, and I enjoyed his Young Justice Arc including his friendship with Dick Grayson and Romance with Artemis Crock.

Somewhat related another DC Character I feel perhaps gets too much attention, to be fair he deserves it, is Darkseid. I know he's their most powerful villain, but between the various cartoon storylines I feel like I don't want him to be the villain DC shared universes should build up too.

Sorry if that hijacks the thread.