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Forums » Child Actors » Why does everyone cast Jacob Tremblay in everything?

Even when he is not appropriate for the part, age or otherwise, it seems that on every male child character someone suggests this kid. It's getting really annoying, use some imagination people.
More annoying is that i saw some dude casted him as an adult Cloud Strife on a Final Fantasy story like wtf (for the child version of Cloud, it would make sense. But for the grown up Cloud, it wouldn't make any sense)
I’m convinced that a lot of members are literally children,which is why there are a whole lot of Disney Channel/Nickelodeon actors suggestions.
Martianmanhunter02 always casts him as Damian Wayne, but he doesn't seem to realize that while Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne, he's also the son of Talia al Ghul, who is of Chinese and Arab descent. I know it can be hard to find a young actor with an ethnic background like that, but maybe try looking for a kid who has at least one of those other backgrounds. Hell I wouldn’t mind if you went with an unknown actor.
My personal choice is Braxton Alexander (Who played young Negative Man in Doom Patrol), believe it or not he has account on the site and says he's open to it
Yes, I see him cast in everything that calls for a child actor. The only exceptions are when it calls for a chubby kid, then there is the same other child actor cast in each of those roles.
Even when he is not appropriate for the part, age or otherwise, it seems that on every male child character someone suggests this kid. It's getting really annoying, use some imagination people.

I feel the same way. Someone else brought up on how theoriginalmartian always casts him as Damian Wayne and I, personally, always see him being recommended for Franklin Richards which bugs me a lot. For Damian I often gravitate towards a 19 year old because I love Injustice's take on Damian. For that one, I often go with Gregory Kasyan who is an Islamic actor of Israeli descent. For Franklin I always go with Charlie Shotwell because it's not like there are child actors other than Jacob Tremblay that exist
I know right?! He's being cast as Dash Parr (Incredibles), Kevin McCallister (Home Alone), Andy Davis (Toy Story), Pinocchio and Danny Torrance (The Shining). If you search up online 'how old is Danny Torrance in the Shining', you get 5-years-old. Jacob is 14-years-old.

It's just so unoriginal if you cast him for every child role. He's even been casted as Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comics.
There's a story I did that was hypothetically "released" in 2003, before he was born. Someone still suggested him for the child lead 🤦
I saw someone cast him as MILES MORALES. Jacob's not Black or hispanic!
Bigger question: why do so many damn people think Tom Holland is suitable to play a twelve-year-old?! Like I get that sometimes Riverdale-type casting is a necessary evil, but come on! It kind of reminds me of this joke on a podcast where they joked about JohnMullaney playing a character in a biopic (I'm not sure if I should give further context) at point of his life with a sign around his neck indicating what age LOL
I don't know

I mean, I only know him for Luca

I just don't see the high potential of this one-shot wonder

He's good, but sometimes, he's not the best pick for stuff

I'm not much of a big fan of child actors, but I'd give at least some kids a chance instead of having Jacob get every kid role

It's annoying
Oh god

That's terrible

And not only is he not black, but he's also not even around the age as Miles

Honestly, I'd like Shameik Moore to reprise his role as Miles Morales because he was so good as Miles in The Spiderverse movie

and Confidentially, Miles Morales became a part of Shameik's DNA anyway
Me, I literally cast Miya Cech in most roles I see
One word. Popularity.
In my Marvel and DC shared Cinematic Universe, Damian Wayne’s mother is Batwoman, who in this universe is Kathy Duquesne.