Staying At Home? There's A Pandemic Movie Playlist For That.

Staying At Home? There's A Pandemic Movie Playlist For That.

Remember these virus movies?

These times are not something we are used to. The pandemic has affected a lot of people and you may be one of the millions that are staying at home. We here at myCast are hoping you fans are keeping to guidlines. Normally this is where I would make some kind of joke, but there isn't any for this...maybe.

With extra time at home you could be going through a backlog of movies or doing like me and rewatching movies you have already watched 50 times. If you are in the new movie watching mood why not one up that and watch some virus movies to make this feel meta. 





28 Days Later

28 Weeks Later

The Andromeda Strain

Resident Evil (And if you have time the 17 sequels.)

The Seventh Seal

The Last Man on Earth/ The Omega Man/ I Am Legend (All based on the novel I Am Legend)

Dawn of the Dead (1978 or 2004 take you pick. They are both great.)

12 Monkeys (Creepy eyed Brad Pitt makes it worth the watch by itself.)

Cabin Fever

Black Death (Yes, Sean Bean dies. It is in his contract.)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (The start of the excellent trilogy began with a virus.)

World War Z (Second Brad Pitt flick. Make it a Brad Pitt movie day.)

Showgirls (Not a virus movie, but plenty scary.)