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Fan Casting Roles for The Erebus Paradox


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2 comments on The Erebus Paradox

  • darthcaedus97 @theonewithda_gun @thecookieprincess Sorry for the spam, guys. I wanted to share a non-ironic personal project with you. Pure hardcore space horror, pretty much seinen. Take a look at it. If you like it, share it. Btw, here you have it

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  • darthcaedus97 The space is a graveyard. A truth known to mankind since they have been travelling the stars. Ruins and fossils of the Farmers, an ancient alien civilisation is all they have been able to find. If there was life, we were late to the party by half a billion years. But something has changed. An ancient horror has just been unleashed on Tau Ceti F, when the Tree of Life, an ancient life factory has been activated, and perhaps it should never have been. Max Picard is the XO of the Chronos. After waking up in the medbay following an attempted boarding by colonists fleeing a quarantine, he discovers a living nightmare. The ship has been invaded by an alien life form: the fireflies, hungry space parasites that flay the mind, and defile the tissues of their hosts into unholy forms for their own ends. In a few hours, they have transformed the Chronos into their insidious nest. Together with the few survivors, they take refuge in the galley awaiting help, which should arrive in six months. However, a ship is arriving untimely. The Ebisu looks like an early ticket to salvation, but it could well be their ultimate doom. Furthermore, EREBUS, the ship's AI has descended into madness, and insists on protecting the creatures as if they were part of the crew. It may be right, but for the wrong reasons. In the midst of this maelstrom, our reluctant crew must fight not only against the hideous creatures, but also for their own sanity. Establishing a connection between the outbreak, the ruins, the arrival of the Ebisu and the madness of EREBUS is crucial, before it is too late. All will shine in the Forest, for all will be fireflies.

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