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3 comments on Task Force X

  • nathanewing Who all dies ?
  • jackspinella1 ☠️ Means they Die
  • jackspinella1 Deathbolt: Gets shot in the crotch and his head is blown up. Vigilante: Betrays the team and has his throat slit by Katana and gets crushed by a falling piece of rubble. Weasel: He runs to save Plastique (because they develop a King Shark/Ratcatcher ll type relationship) but is immediately shot down by the same soldiers. Brainwave: Disintegrated by one of Rainbow Creature’s blasts, leaving him as a blood splattered skeleton. Plastique: Sacrifices herself by blowing herself up inside the volcano (which is the Rainbow Creature’s power source) therefore, killing it and saving Equador.

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