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2 comments on Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin

  • adityanimmalapudi When a special MACGUFFIN has been robbed in the communist country San Alenderas & the Thom(p)sons were kidnapped, as they're accused of stealing & carrying a black briefcase. When Tintin opened his black briefcase. Guess what's inside? The same MACGUFFIN stolen & discovered that they mistakenly took his briefcase. some days ago he heard about the heist & decides to save the Thom(p)sons. Tintin & Snowy reached the airport to San Alenderas & 2 securities come in for check up: One that is more suspicious & has this bully-like behavior & the other calm & does his duty more sincerely & formally. As Tintin gave the security guards the briefcase for checking, some stranger hit Tintin with a briefcase & grabbed the briefcase, the security guards tried to stop him but failed. But, Snowy picked up a scent of the stranger, Tintin followed him through the path on a taxi. & then reached the stranger's house. Tintin reaches the window, where Snowy stays outside. Tintin leaps into action with his gun as the stranger who took the MACGUFFIN. The stranger tried to warn him about the dangers about the MACGUFFIN's formula, Tintin thought that he must be joking or he never heard of it. Tintin sees an old newspaper about a bombing of a small village by the formula of the MACGUFFIN. As Tintin gets a dig deep read on the event, he hears Snowy barking, Tintin sees gun outside the strangers house & BANG! BANG! BANG! Tintin ducks himself behind the table, with the stranger being shot with lot of blood & almost dead. Snowy comes in, founds Tintin. The guards come in. He gets up, The bully-like security snatches the briefcase from the stranger & the other security thanks him for finding the MACGUFFIN & returning to their country & by the way, he even invited to a celebration hall tomorrow night to celebrate the MACGUFFIN's return. After the guards leave, Tintin just realised what foolishness he committed. Snowy barked at the strangers who is barley alive, his last words is that, if you need to save your friends Thompson & Thomson & destroy the MACGUFFIN, he needed help, the stranger gave him the address to whom he need help. He gave him the address on paper & told him never asked help to anyone for the address. He died. So, it's all up to Tintin, Snowy & the one to find the one who'll help them to save the Thompsons. Wait for Part 2
    • adityanimmalapudi About freeing the Thompsons, the kind guard told him that they're still interrogated & suspected if they've really stolen the MACGUFFIN. So, they're got a conclusion that they've stolen the MACGUFFIN, alongside with those who kidnapped them.

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