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5 comments on Peaky Blinders (2013-2021)

  • fredericarrowsmith Arthur is supposed to be the older brother.
    • siddarthsid @fredericarrowsmith Well, Paul Anderson is 2 years younger than Cillian, yet he plays the elder sibling in the show. Farrell & Evans are only 3 years apart in age, so it's not that egregious of an age difference.

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  • fredericarrowsmith I'm not sure how old Tommy Shelby is supposed to be but Colin Farrell seems older plus can he do the accent as I'm from Birmingham and Cillian Murphy's accent is pretty awful even though I like him in the show,.the guy that plays Arthur's accent is better.
  • fredericarrowsmith Paul Anderson is older but looks alot older than Cillian Murphy so they maybe have to age up Luke Evans because Colin Farrell looks alot older than him and can do the gruff older brother voice tone better than Luke Evans (I feel that being Welsh Luke Evans could pull off the Brummie accent better though)
  • fredericarrowsmith Although the Peaky Blinders show is fiction it is a legend commonly known round here based on an actual gang who weren't brothers but all young orphans and youths up to no good and as bad as Birmingham is portrayed it is ten times worse nowadays and especially how I grew up here.

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