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Fan Casting Roles for Super Smash Bros Cinematic Universe (Animated)



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8 comments on Super Smash Bros Cinematic Universe (Animated)

  • kingoffantasy516 BTW You can suggest as many actors as you want to any role

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  • kingoffantasy516 Rule about adding characters is that they have to have been in or connected to the Super Smash Bros Series and the games connected to it (Good Example: rayman. Bad example: Goku)

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  • kingoffantasy516 Feel free to suggest actors and crew members
  • kingoffantasy516 If any of you want a reason why I chose a certain actor for a certain role feel free to ask
  • kingoffantasy516 Also I'm going through some writer's block (would that count here) so I'd really appreciate more casting suggestions. Especially on characters who dont have any
  • kingoffantasy516 This page will be for the main and supporting characters of the Super Smash Bros Cinematic Universe I will have pages for each individual movie I would like to see in it and for the cast of those movies
  • lexiodonnell I like your cast I wonder if Nintendo will ever make a Super Smash Bros movie
  • jacobawesomeness time to put sora

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