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  • castingsinmyblood Also, genderbending Plastic Man. Nice touch

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    • persona @castingsinmyblood I wasn't going to originally but I was looking at characters who were members of the JSA or All-Star Squadron and I wanted to add a character with a different power set so I chose Plastic Man. I then realized I wanted a little more diversity, a little more balance in terms of gender and I've always thought a female Plastic Man would be cool (imagine the costume lol) so I decided to do it.
    • castingsinmyblood @persona We're gonna need a comedienne of titanic proportions to fill those stretchy shoes. I hope you can find one
    • persona @castingsinmyblood Eh not exactly, I don't know if I'll give her the same exact personality as that of the original. She'll be jovial for sure but I will mainly be using his backstory as a conman and ties to the mob. With this taking place between 1939-1946 it gives me a lot of room to play with for her character.

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  • castingsinmyblood Want me to suggest some villains?

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  • castingsinmyblood So you're casting the characters the way Brian Michael Bendis did in Ultimate Spider-Man. Cool. Very Cool.
    • persona @castingsinmyblood Yeah I guess, I never thought of that but I guess you're right haha. That is how Fury ended up looking like Sam Jackson.

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    • castingsinmyblood @persona Good plan. I like it when people cast outside the box. Also, don't be scared to mix it up with supporting cast. One of the biggest reason for modern comics sales and reviews drooping is the atrophying of the supporting cast. Love interests, best friends, mentors, villains, etc. Why not make Suprema's love interest the Amazon Philippus? Or have a young Alfred Pennyworth as a secret agent and liaison to this world's version of the league? And you can't go wrong with Todd Rice aka Obsidian

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    • persona @castingsinmyblood Also keep checking back in as I continue to add more characters. I'll also probably add descriptions to the characters just to give a quick look at the direction of the character.

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