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Fan Casting Roles for Claude speed's multi bizzare adventure



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7 comments on Claude speed's multi bizzare adventure

  • mlg9420nftz @rockysullivan69 This is the guy you are collaborating in my story

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  • mlg9420nftz @shaozynder who’s your antagonist
    • shaozynder @mlg9420nftz i had two antagonists as idea donald love or wanda (because of multiverse of madness)
    • mlg9420nftz @shaozynder let’s say Wanda and Donald Love are under control of another antagonist called Kozarog, he is from another multiverse, he has the ability to control anyone regardless of multiverse. So he controls Wanda and Donald Love to protect him. Claude wants to send everybody home, while Kozarog wants to merge a Multiverse by making the portal and unstable and using his space, time and reality powers in the portal to pull and crash the current Multiverse with a neighbouring multiverse like what Darkiplier did but with a more effective method Kozarog wants to merge the multiverses all together so he can show everyone he’s the most powerful being by fighting them all, from weak to strong In the ending, Claude pushes Kozarog into the portal and they start to fight which frees Wanda and Donald from the mind control spell, because Kozarog is using most of his power to fight Claude in the space bridge. After they fight, both of them ended up in different parts of the Angrycraft67 multiverse, which causes the collab Claude ends up in the Rule 34 Universe with a different Carl Johnson and Yandere Chan and Kozarog ends up in the Zombies universe, where he joins forces with R. Kelly a power hungry villain who only helps him for his power. R. Kelly and Kozarog start to look for the nearest portal as Claude makes more friends to stop R. Kelly
    • shaozynder @mlg9420nftz i'm some how think of a ending for into angrycraft67-multiverse

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