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Fan Casting Ma-Ti

Role added by user_401 on March 2, 2021

Description of Ma-Ti:

Ma-Ti is the happy-go-lucky bearer of the Heart Ring and the youngest "Planeteer." Despite being the youngest, he's usually the first to see reason and expose the truth to other Planeteers if they're lost or arguing. As he is the heart of the team, it only makes sense that Ma-Ti wears the Heart Ring. An orphan from the Kayapo tribal people of Brazil, Ma-Ti has every reason to hate the world or humanity in general, but he does not. Ma-Ti is a psychic with supernatural empathy and insights. His psychic powers are only furthered heightened when channeled through his Heart Ring. He also has a monkey familiar named Suchi.



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Physical Appearance of Ma-Ti
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    Latino / Hispanic
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    Athletic / Toned
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