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Fan Casting Cpt. Skidd

Role added by midsommar on September 19, 2022

Description of Cpt. Skidd:

gay, he/him, ptsd, s.e. asian πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§, istp-t, 7w6; Cpt. Skidd now lives in the Crimson Nest, an opium den, deep in St. Giles. Du PrΓ© persuaded him to join the Playwright. Skidd met once a month with the other members of the Playwright. They were able to look through the Veil, but they couldn't cross the threshold into the regions beyond. This put even a heavier strain on Skidd's already unstable psyche. He cut his ties with the organization and disappeared. When Wakefield had to enter an opium den to find Skidd, he learned some crucial facts about Du PrΓ© and the Playwright, but was eventually overwhelmed by the opium vapors in the den


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Physical Appearance of Cpt. Skidd
  • Gender:
  • Hair Color:
    Salt & Pepper
  • Hair Length:
  • Eye Color:
  • Ethnicity:
    Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander
  • Body Type:
  • Facial Hair:
    Long Beard
  • Age Range:
  • Nationality:
    New Zealand

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