Forums » Movies » New Popeye animated film is in the works with "A Silent Voice" Director

Months that Tartakovsky's Popeye movie was dead forever (probably he was talking about the Sony one, not KFC......well most of all KFC).

Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice) who will be in charge to direct the new animated Popeye film for Science SARU Studios and Paramount Animation, while Tartakovsky himself is too busy working on other projects from Sony Pictures Animation and Cartoon Network.

Yamada says "We would like to give fans our new animated film based on the comic/cartoon franchise, One fan told me that I should do that Popeye movie that has been cancelled, so I remake it with 2D animation so that will make our life better".

The revive of the cancelled film's plot might be the same.......but Better.

And also Different voice cast said by the director herself:
• Eric Bauza as Popeye
• Jamie Marchi as Olive Oyl
• Johnny Yong Bosch as Brutus
• Eugene the Jeep (Mel Blanc's Archive sound effects)
• Carlos Alazraqui as J. Wellington Wimpy
• Mark Hamill as Poopdeck Pappy
• Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Young Popeye
• Christina Kelly as Sea Hag

This new film will be set to release in holiday 2023.