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This sh*t literally made me insane, like, these spammer bots just came in and spam random promos all at once, all at a time. Both in the recent stories section and the forums and they just won't stop. Can somebody/mods please take care of this immediately ? I tried contacting the mods but no action has been taken and it's getting even worse.
Yeah... i also know about that @$$h0le bots, i try to get a good court hearing in my stories and that bots spam the same story that is a peace of sh*t promo of a f*ck!ng useless trash sites
Ikr, back in October, it was super chaotic, where those spammers were doing a mass spamming on this website, to the point where the website's homepage is full of nothin but sh*tty promos and other users' stories that ARE actually fancasting stories got bumped by these useless trash ads (which in all likelihood could be a scam due to how many accounts that the spammer created and how the accounts seem to change their regional location using VPN).
Now, those guys are back again. Although it might not be as severe as what happened during October, but it could potentially became even worse.