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He keeps putting up random actors & images that don't even exist! He's gotta be stopped! He's ruining my castings!
He is worse than matt2001.
Both him and Matt are getting on my nerves
I know. They both post roles that never make sense anymore. For example: Kristen Li as Janine Melnitz and Amanda Leighton as Winnie Sanderson.
Added the same picture of some random blonde cartoon character that is clearly not either of these characters, and simply wrote "villain" and "goofy" in their character descriptions which are grossly inaccurate if not outright false.
I made a story that involved casting Ben for it and he casted some random guy who didn’t even fit the part like look at this
Seems he also just wrote "telling stories" in the character description. What is that even supposed to mean?
Still at it with the blatantly wrong pictures.